quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2011


Sometimes the better thing to do is to do nothing.

 There are moments in our life that impossible to see what will happen, you must wait to see the results or just wait to see next step to do something. What I want to say is only the time can make the world spin, but only you can change his plans.
 When you intend big plans for your life, you have to believe in power of the Patience. I know how it hurts and how much is difficult be waiting your possibilities appears. At least you will be glad or not with the results, you have 50% to win or loose your chance to be happy or just be successfull.
 To be prepared is the better way to wait your lucky works, just like you have sure that you best probability will happen like you wish, but if you are wating big or wating a miracle without any effort on your part you must be a sucker. You can be those people who reclaims, who don't see the magic in the time, who don't feel the sunlight or the moonlight, who only talk and talk...
 I don't care about what kind of people you are, but take easy with your own toughts, actions and reactions. Sometimes to do nothing is the better thing you can do.

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