segunda-feira, 4 de julho de 2011

Not Necessary

If you are wanting to read something interesting, humorous, or just a simple reading, my advice is to follow the other posts. Digress here on a peculiar feeling that made me thoughtful.

  After much thought, I find myself depressed.  Taking medications.  Alone.I do not think it's a problem, I have this feeling of loneliness always, just today I share my malaise. The desire to stay somewhere that there is nothing, no one, nothing around, remain static in a hole where no one can find me. I need a place where there don't needs to smile, talk, create, or just exist.

I want disappear for a while, and if possible, never to appear. My creativity does not exist, nobody knows where my friends are and those who are close, so close that are lost in the usual, where only one my imprisonment is ignored by his dating and partying. And in the holiday season, is so much easier to ignore the ignorable, as simple as breathing.

Until who we love and love us do not realize the gravity that does leave a person who feels alone, leave it alone really, without the slightest attention. No good morning or good night,  without a phone call or message, without an email or smoke signal. Nothing.
What kind of will you have to leave home if there's nobody to talk, or nowhere interesting to go, or whether what we do.

I have no desire to do anything. I do not want read, hear, speak.
I think if I would go away, if someone miss me, if someone cry for me.

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