sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2011

My universe is simple why do you want disturb?

 I could kill somebody right now! Why? Simple answer: I hate when somebody use my stuff without concession. Don't matter if is eletronic, clothes or office objects. Firstly when is my family touching my things, because when i find it broken anyone appear to receive the shamy or will be blame it. Every second in my family's house is a piece of me dying in angry and revenge. Why is there not respect with own space?

 I count the days to leave this place, for a while it's good live here to save money... I save money but loose my intimcy. Good time those when i arrived at home and the complete silence was my partner, when all my books, notes, laptop and coffe marks on the table was my friends in the night. When my clothes was put in the closet in order of colors, starting in black and finishing in white.

 You don't need looking for you clothes, shoes, t-shirts, shorts, pants, socks, ties, underwear, coats, because you know where you put you clothes and anyone goes take it from you or reclaim about that. The is something better than this? Ah, sure I wash my own clothes, is not a good work but the satisfactory result. How cook and wash the dishes, just you can do it.

Better than cook to yourself is clean the house!

 I like clean and see the house perfect. The problem is when you have a super dynamic family like me, don't matter what you do, always come someone to durty or mess up.

 When you do something you don't want to see someone coming to mess up or destroy what you have done. This is not a obssession, is the normal action. Like my angry and revenge with those mess my clothes, touch my eletronics, drink all my milk, stell my pens... and infinity things that's happen all day long in my house.

 Do you need more reason to run to the hills?
  I don't need.

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