segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2011

Did you feel it?

 We know the internet connecting people, can be family, friends, workmates,  lonely people, popular people... everyone are connected in this instantaneous informations web. But this is one point of view, we can use some programs or app's to be more close, we can talk with them face-to-face with cams.

 Videochat is the word to make a good conversation, without misunderstood about wrong interpretation with some phrases or long dialogues. If you are in a trip, you can show how is going the travel sending pics and postcards, but if you have a cam or a cellphone with this software you can show in real time, like the twitcam.

 Is obvious is not the same feeling you have when you talk with a real person, because you can feel, toucht, smell... does not matter, just think:

 You can live far away, but with this tool we can talk. Sometimes, just to see is enought to calm a heart, a mother heart worried with her son who lives in other country... calm a boyfriend or a girlfriend when his/her lover goes studies in other city... acalm an wife who his husband is an war. There is many away to feel somebody, with a image and sound just one screen is the only thing that could separate us. 

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