quinta-feira, 14 de julho de 2011

Am I wrong?

 I thought this days if my last atitude was wrong, but wasn't. If you put yourself in my place you'll see how bad i was feeling. This not a big deal, was just a moment... a really bad moment that resulted in a big misunderstood.
 To be alone is not a problem if you know you will be ok in next step, if you have family, friends or some love to hold you. But if you don't have anything about this... you got problems.

 I know i got issues, I am a little crazy and I have some strange behaviors, but it's normal I guess. This is what make me diferent, i don't open cans, I take shower looking the door, just go sleep after read some book or magazine, I eat slowly don't matter what I am chewing...

I wonder if someone can love me after knows me so deeply. A freak boy who have afraid to the darkness could be loved naturally?

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